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STEM East connects educators and employers  through a growing network of public and private partnerships. Starting with K-12 education, the STEM East Network aligns innovative STEM education programs in Eastern North Carolina with the needs of our regional employers to support career pathways, build a solid workforce and add considerable value for relocating and expanding businesses.

The Network develops partnerships with forward thinking employers and educators who understand the benefits of a "grow your own" and “just in time” workforce development model. Time, resources and funds are all dedicated to alignment of innovative STEM education programs with relevant Eastern North Carolina careers.

STEM East operates under the direction of our member school districts and employers as the Eastern North Carolina Employers and Superintendents Council. The primary STEM East goal is to help provide an aligned K-16 instructional pathway for students and graduates where employer workforce needs can be addressed while these same employers work to directly support the classroom curriculum.

STEM East has been instrumental in securing $13.8 Million in external STEM project funding for STEM East school districts!

STEM East has successfully launched 84 STEM Centers in regional middle schools.

STEM East continues to expand the network of public & private partners creating a “K12 to Career” pipeline that is relevant and directly supports the development of regional industries.


The Network seeks to provide clarification for the multitude of education reform efforts and establishes a regional approach to education/career pathways. STEM East has played an important role in assisting member counties with creating comprehensive strategic plans to better implement their STEM Programs. These strategic plans includes input from regional employers as well as universities and community colleges. They emphasize K-12 preparation for current and emerging STEM careers.

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