STEMEAST: School Districts

District Leadership

Superintendents from our member school districts serve on our Eastern North Carolina Employers and Superintendents Council where they collaborate with regional STEM employers. Together they seek out programming which provide students with the knowledge and skills required for our regional workforce.


Our regional teachers are dedicated to enriching student's lives with practical, real world experiences designed to equip them with skills that prepare them as the future workforce of eastern North Carolina. STEM East strives to provide teachers with appropriate instructional tools and the professional development needed to use those tools effectively. 

STEM East Initiatives

Middle School


Several years of partnership investments have supported STEM Labs in more than 90% of the STEM East middle schools. The STEM Labs provide a unique method for skills development, STEM career exploration and act as a college/career pathway focal point for students. Regional employers are actively engaged in this connection to potential future employees by directly supporting these labs and programs. In many cases employers were integral to the design of specific modules used to sharpen needed workforce skills.

Each of the STEM East school districts was invited to attend a Strategic Planning Institute hosted by the Smithsonian Science Education Center using grant funds from our partners at Duke Energy and the NC SMT Center.  Districts were able to create a K-12 STEM education strategic plan to better align their district efforts including core STEM curriculum and CTE programming. Cross district collaboration has emerged as one of the many positive aspects of their strategic planning efforts.

STEM Program


In order to evaluate the effectives of any instructional program requires that districts gather and analyze impact data. To help districts with creating a program evaluation plan we are working with a team at NCSU Friday Institute through a generous grant from the Golden Leaf Foundation. Each district planning team is provided assistance with creating a program logic model which includes evaluative procedures for revision and improvement.

Science Pilot


STEM East schools districts have been invited to participate in a pilot implementation of a kit-based inquiry science curriculum. Participating teachers have been provided training in inquiry teaching and access to kit curriculum.



Leadership across our STEM East school districts starts with classroom teachers. As experts in their craft they are continually improving their skills in effectively guiding student instruction. STEM East has partnered with the Kenan Fellows Program to help identify and recognize these master teachers. Kenan Fellows are provided with opportunities to expand their STEM knowledge and skills while being prepared as teacher leaders who guide instructional planning and professional development.

Teachers in the


Through a partnership with NCBCE and Teachers@Work, STEM East teachers are paired for summer externships with participating regional employers to better understand the demands of the changing workforce. These teachers will earn industry credentials and bring their experiences back to the classrooms by preparing instructional units which are shared with teachers throughout North Carolina.  

Educator Thoughts

"STEM education is about engaging the minds of our students so they can see connections between what they are learning and the increasingly complex and information driven world that we live in.  Developing a coherent STEM strategy for our schools requires us to move beyond basic knowledge of the four disciplines of STEM to a place where students are using the skills they develop in class to discover, analyze and solve problems connected to the world beyond the school walls."

Fritz Robinett / Science Specialist / Pitt County Schools

"STEM East is important to the region because it provides opportunity for synergy and collaboration among a host of education and economic stakeholders.  Through central coordination, STEM East provides opportunities for small rural communities to pool education resources, leverage investments, gain economies of scale and collectively have a greater impact together than they ever could alone or in isolation.  STEM East turns the dream of investing in and growing your own into a reality.

Alfred Mays / Science Programming Officer / Burroughs Wellcome Fund