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"STEM education promotes a way of thinking, a habit of mind. It's giving students the skills and confidence to know what to do when they don't know what to do."

Dr. Sam Houston

President and CEO

NC SMT Education Center

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and so much more.

"From after-school programs to museums and science centers, students are surrounded by opportunities to engage with STEM. Sometimes they just need to have their eyes opened"

Cynthia Crane

Museum Director

Aurora Fossil Museum

Working with educators throughout the region to implement STEM strategies. 

"The jobs we know are the ones we see. Providing students with a view into STEM jobs such as those in engineering helps them say

"Maybe I can"."

Mark D. Meno
Research and Engineering Group Head Fleet Readiness Center East 

STEM education opens a world of college and career opportunities. 

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